Our Advantages

Professional technology team; One-stop service of software and hardware .Exclusive independent patent

  • Independent research and development thr

    Integrated production of mold opening, injection molding, SMT, and packaging
    Support various modes such as agency, OEM, ODM, etc.

  • Core Independant Innovation Copyright

    More than 80 copyright;software copyright core knowledge property;core tech;high technology product;guarantee the safety

  • Highly Efficient Technology Development

    Function arrangement;UI design;program development;payment online; 7 days in domestic, one month oversea

  • Multi-Channel Payment

    Got throught more than 20 popupar payments;abundant experience;Fast integration ;stable fuction

  • One-Stop Service

    Hardware and Software research and development;produce;after-sale service one-stop service professional technology service support;guarantee the the platform operate steadily

Product Center

To Store Enough; As long As Confirm The Order And Send Immediately.Satisfy Using Requirement Of Different Customer.

  • Shared power bank cabinet-without screen
  • Shared power bank cabinet-with screen (LED screen, backlight screen, touch screen)
  • Shared charging cable-digital password, mahjong password, Bluetooth type
  • Type Of Entertainment:KTV;cinema;scenery place and so on
  • Type Of Shopping:shopping mall;restaurant;cafe bar and so on
  • Type Of Service:hotel;restaurant and so on
  • Type Of Going Outside:airport;station;subway and so on
  • Type Of Administration service:university;hospital;bank and so on

Sharing Power Bank System

People rely on Portable electrical product more and more higher.The battery life of the product is not enough.It’s not convenience to take traditional mobile charger. Sharing power bank system is developed and specialized for solving this problem. Sharing power bank system consist of User -Side App, Agent- Side App and PC Management Back-end.  


Software and hardware one-stop service

Zende provides a series of services such as software and hardware development, production, free training, after-sales and maintenance of shared power bank and shared charging cables. Support ODM, OEM, also can cut any link, diversified cooperation mode, win-win is our unanimous pursuit!

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    R&D of shared power bank

  • 图片

    R&D of shared charging cable

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    Production line

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    QC process

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    Packing and shipping

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    Shared software function combing

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    Shared power bank software development

  • 图片

    Shared charging line system development

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    Free training + after-sales service

They chose Zende

They are in the same boat with Zende, through year after year, making money, they are our customers and friends.