Sharing Power Bank Software System

Rely on Portable electrical product more and more higher ,product’s batteries’ ability is not enough.Traditional mobile power is inconvenient.So shared power bank comes out.shared power bank system is a set of management system for running the shared power bank.

PC Management Background

This operation management system is widely used by a lot of power bank platforms. There are some changes and development in using from depth and width of the content and IT technology running. It became core management system.Smart operation and visualized data is good for improving usual running and management effective.


APP is a agent management system ,including agent management ,user management ,dividing record,point of sale management, device management, order management and statistics management and so on. It is good for declining the management cost ,improve management effectively.It can be set up kinds of reward functions according to requirement and good to inspire agent, make group become bigger quickly.


User open wechat APP scan QR to rent--shared power bank pop up-take out power bank--return. Put it into cabinet--return successfully,refund the deposit.

Integration System

Four Advantages

  • Fast Development

    Function carding,original strategy.UI design,programme development, online payment 7 days in domestic and one month overseas.

  • More Ways Of Payment

    More than 20 types of main current payments Abundant experience ,fast integration,performance stable.

  • Good Service

    Integration service includes system development,free training and aftermarket and so on. Specialized technology service support to secure platform operation

  • High Technology

    A set of compatible system contain lots of type of shared device that can achieve integration management.


Cooperation Procedure

  • Confirm Requirement

    product function estimate ; provide solving method ;sign contract

  • Approve And Initiate Project

    Initiate a project ; make original picture; establish team to analyse the procedures

  • UI Design

    Design specification ;interface design ;logo design; improve users experience feeling

  • Technology research and development;

    Set up system framework;code specification; business logic order; function development;

  • Test online

    multi-Environmental test;unit test; system test; online test;

  • Acceptance And Delivery

    design draft;project results;operational document delivery;

  • Aftersale Maintenance

    Safe maintenance;bug maintenance; data copy;technology support