How To Cooperate With Merchants Quikly A

Until the second half of 2020,shared power bank still survive sturdily under the terrible suffering.It proves that this industrail is not a flash in the pan.

With the development of games,short videos, live broadcast industries.Popularized and 5G phone and 5G menu. Electricity quantiti of phone can't satisty people's

requirement,so shared power bank became more and more important.

There are lots of shared power bank brand.But it should be selected carefully to join in.It's the best to fit you.You will find that shared power bank need enough resourse after knowing this industry.It's not fit for small or medium size of investment or sparetime work.

Zhengde technology belongs to universal type,it's fit for choosing and investment. After choosing good brank,then can open up the market.12fe942c465e85c12975e50407404db.png

Share serval experiences with merchants:

1.They will select you as long as it can give merchants actual profit from the view of merchants.Each merchant have their different requirements,some of them need more commission,some of them want good aftersale service,so it is good to avoid arguements with customer. Some merchants want to make advertisement.Agent should serve with heart and try best to coordinate well with them.

2.Think about providing free time and free of using shared power bank for merchants.Merchants can use by themselve,also can give them to their friends or relatives in order to spread the brand.That is a low cost promotion way. 

3.Utilize acquitance relationship. Third class cities basically is a acquitance society. Agent can utilize own relationship to get more merchants from relatives or friends'shop.Openg up more point of sale.

At last,Pay attention to cotact merchants frequently in order to do well in aftersale service work. It will help you to stable your bussiniess circle and expand your social relationship.Not only this shared power bank bussiness.Everything neeeds to be perfect and try your best.